Applicant Tracking System

Pre-Select’s applicant tracking system is a time and resource saving, incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use way to gain great new talent quickly and easily.

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Pre-Select ATS for Tracking Talent

An online Applicant Tracking Systems that gives you the tools to hire the best. What are you looking for? A talent tracking system that's easy, affordable, and complete? You're looking for Pre-Select.

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    Pre-Select will save you time, money, and effort, while bringing in targeted job seekers, resulting in better quality hires. Take our video tour to learn just how easily we can help you find your next great hire.

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  • About Pre-Select

    Pre-Select provides you with the tools you need — and none of the extras you don’t — to hire the best people available, quickly, easily, and without a lot of time, effort, or expense. Too many tools are bloated, difficult to navigate, require add-ins, special coding to fit your needs, or just cost too much. Pre-Select determined the 7 key components of an effective talent tracking solution and put them all in one place.

  • The 7 Features

    1. Prequalification
    Our prequalification functionality acts as a filter to stop unqualified applicants from applying, thus allowing you to concentrate on qualified candidates. Prequalification will reduce paperwork, and save unnecessary effort and time for both the applicant and your hiring team. This functionality will also simplify EEOC reporting. Gain confidence knowing that your applicants meet the minimum qualifications for the job.

    2. Application
    Through the use of an customized, internet-based job application, you can filter hundreds of job seekers to a more manageable number. Applications include an electronic signature to authenticate ownership. Our Qualifying Questions option gives the employer the opportunity to ask applicants a range of questions - from basic to complex. (multiple choice, essay, math, or true/false) Separate positions can have their own question sets providing invaluable insight to your applicant.

    Now, for possibly the first time, your Job Seekers can really know your expectations of them. You can present them all requested information such as cover letters, resumes and releases. Pre-Select can even upload paper applications so that they can be tracked along with the electronic files. Because everything will be in a database, you can better organize your applicant data and even find records from months past. Bottom line, you will be able to reply more quickly to the best Candidates - well before your competition does - and your whole recruiting process will be streamlined and simplified.

    3. Pre-Hire
    This feature will allow you to communicate with your managers, job seekers, and other stakeholders during the hiring process. This real-time communication improves the applicant experience and facilitates better hiring decisions. Web -based assessments (sales, IT, or engineering) can be incorporated into Pre-Select. Forms, required as part of the hiring process, can be electronically sent to your candidates - improving your compliance efforts.

    Organizational documents can be uploaded into this section to assist you in the final stages of recruitment. You can also archive your telephone interview questions and other recruitment notes to improve candidate selection. With the Pre-Select scheduler, you will be prepared for telephone calls, interviews, and other tasks.

    4. Onboarding
    Onboarding facilitates the orientation and integration of new hires into your organization by allowing you to present company materials, policies, W4’s, and forms (e.g. I-9 ) to the hired candidate prior to orientation. With this feature, you can simply send your required documents and forms to the Candidate(s) of your choice, and the prospective hire can complete the form from the comfort of their own home and print the forms and return them to you electronically prior to their first day of work. Think of the supervisory time that will be saved by having your new hires’ required documents completed in a timely fashion.

    Pre-Select Applicant Tracking System Features

    Pre-Select provides 7 essential tools to manage your talent and streamline your recruitment process, including job requisition management, online application tools with improved applicant pool and archiving, referral management, peer communication, vendor management, and easy onboarding so your new hires move quickly through the orientation process. This intuitive and easy to use system qualifies job seekers so you can hire the brightest and the best. Pre-Select’s service means you have all the benefits of cloud computing at your fingertips, including invisible maintenance and upgrades.