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5 – Panel Hair Drug Test: Why it’s the Best

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Hair tests are the absolute best way to stop drugs in the workplace.  Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services. They state that “hair testing detects nearly twice the number of positives as a urine test. Unlike urine drug testing, which may only detect drug use within the past 2-3 days, […]

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We Are Going Paperless: Stage 2 of Our Process

Initially looking to implement the document management system, we considered whether or not such an investment would ultimately improve our bottom line.  We carefully considered the metrics associated with material and labor costs and where we would generate savings.    Of course, there is the savings in cost of paper, printer ink and filing supplies, but […]

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Electronic Document Management: We Are Going Paperless!

Recently, The Pre-check began to inquire as to whether or not changing from a paper-based system to an electronic document management system would be beneficial for the company, and if so, would the benefits outweigh the costs?  There were several options that required further investigation/consideration.  Of course, a major factor was whether or not such […]

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