About Pre-Select

With the current movement to software-as-a-service, and the increasing complexity of our work days, we believe Pre-Select is the ideal ATS solution to help you manage new positions, reorganization, and new hires. Pre-Select is designed to make it easier for you to effectively communicate with your stakeholders no matter where they are so that, together, you can quickly find and hire the right talent, easily, and affordably. Pre-Select is a division of The Pre-Check Company. Pre-Check has been providing quality background checks, drug testing, and fingerprinting services for almost 20 years.

Robert J. Drusendahl is the President of The Pre-Check Company, and it is his dedication to helping others find and manage the best talent available that was the impetus behind the creation of Pre-Select.

Give Bob a call at 216-226-7700 extension 106, and he will be happy to demonstrate to you the benefits of Pre-Select with a personal tour. If you’d prefer, you may email him at bob@pre-check.com, or send a note through our contact form.