ATS Features and Benefits – Compare Cloud Based ATS Systems

With the Pre-Select online talent tracking system, you’ll be able to manage your job from new employee requests through onboarding easily, quickly, and at a price that won’t break the company budget. We’ve shown some examples throughout these pages. Please click on the images to see them in greater detail. They’ll open in front of this page, and close again with a click on the X at the bottom right corner.

The process starts with the Hiring Managers, who will request a new hire through our easy-to-use online interface. They’ll be able to enter as much or as little detail as they know.

Once they’ve entered a job requisition, stakeholders, including HR staff, management members who need to approve the new position, and the hiring manager who requested it, will be able to review, edit, and comment on the new position until it’s determined that it should be offered, deleted, or archived.

Once the job requisition has been approved, a click of the button starts the application creation process.