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7 Things

Pre-Select identified seven features that we believe are an important start to providing a quality, easy to use talent tracking system. These are the core 7 features we’ve incorporated so you can do your job better and faster.


  • 1. Requisitions and Posting Management

Coordinate and approve Hiring Manager requests from multi-site locations;
Designate position approvers based on your needs;
Manage job descriptions and open/closed periods;
Post and manage openings on your personalized website with your logo and corporate colors; Communicate with stakeholders throughout the hiring process;
Maintain an electronic diary of all communications.

  • 2. Online Application

Design your own employment application;
Use customized questions to ensure better qualified hires;
Find archived resumes with robust keyword search capabilities;
Email Job Seekers and Hiring Managers;
Keep up to date with RSS activity tracking.

  • 3. Collaboration

Secure notes field allows all parties to participate in the progress of the application at your discretion;
Involve the entire management team in the hiring decision;
Keep Job Seekers informed of the status of their application.

  • 4. Referral Management

Quickly contact preferred recruitment sources;
Track the most successful employee referrers;
Provide employees, job boards, headhunters and other interested parties with individual referral codes.

  • 5.Archive

Electronically retain applications/resumes forever, ready for prompt retrieval;
Search by dates or keywords to retrieve previous applications for review.

  • 6. Vendor Management

Manage a database of your preferred vendors of .background checks, drug testing, payroll and other services;
keep notes on providers and services;
contact vendors with ease.

  • 7. Onboarding

Comply with federal EEOC requirements, privacy rules, and online applicant standards;
Provide new hires with links to federal and company forms, skills testing, handbooks, and other necessary data, so that they can get started working that much faster.