Going Paperless: We’re Almost There!

Since our last post regarding our Paperless process, we have had both struggles and triumphs with implementing the system. Our biggest concern was the amount of time it was taking to actually use the system. Although it without a doubt would save us paper, it would not save us on time, which would not be in keeping with our company’s expectations. However, the team we are working with has been consistently developing new features that allow us to cut back on time and streamline our process. Being a company in the background check industry, time is everything. Some of the other issues we have ran into include not being able to open password protected PDFs, entering numbers that begin with zero, and we cannot automatically separate email attachments containing multiple files.

Still, we have come a very long way from when we initially started going paperless. We are so grateful and appreciative of the team that has been dedicated to working with us. Pre-Check is a unique company for them, and we require many new and unique characteristics for our electronic document management to work well. So far, the team has helped us to resolve working from our inbox, using control slips, which are vital to our work, and creating more time-saving features. All of their hard and committed work has steered us toward the completion of our first phase.

The next part of our journey will focus on furthering the efficiency of the system, especially in our Criminal Department. Once that is concluded, the internal use of the system will be fulfilled. For the next month, we will continue with our “dual” process, meaning that we will be using both the electronic document management and paper. The system and our files will be extended for the use of our contractors. Phase 2 is going to be concentrated on designing a way to utilize the system externally, as well as determining the appropriate time to archive files and the amount of files the system will hold. We are confident that the team’s devotion to seeing the success of our system will lead us through our second phase and onto our last.

Be on the lookout for our next paperless blog! Stay up to date with us as we continue to take you through our process.

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