How It Works

Pre-Select’s ATS talent tracking system is a brand new, incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use way to gain new talent quickly.

Pre-Select ATS helps you:
1. Make it easy for others in your organization to request a new hire through a simple online interface;
2. Give stakeholders access to review the new hire request, discuss it, and approve it, delete it, or archive it;
3. Receive applications from qualified applicants, not every job seeker on the web; and track who sent them to you.
4. Quickly and easily determine which is the best applicant for you;
5. Communicate with your peers;
6. Organize and schedule interviews, background checks, drug testing, pre-employment testing, and other requirements;
7. Bring your new hire on board quickly.

With Pre-Select ATS you can:
1. Create users within your organization, using the permissions control we provide, so that everyone involved can see the information they need to see to make the right decisions without having to worry about the security of your data;
2. Create job descriptions and employment applications with the click of a button, and post the unique URL of each to any of your usual posting places, including newspapers, career boards, job sites, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking site.
3. Archive job descriptions and applications when they’re no longer required.
4. Create pre-qualifying questions that will cut down the applicant pool to a manageable level, ensuring that only qualified job seekers apply.
5. Create thoughtful, weighted, qualifying questions that allow you to determine which applicant is best suited for the position and your corporate culture;
6. Create multi-level job applications that get all the data you need.
7. Add requests for other data, such as the EEOC form, which is completely separate from the application, protect you from accusations of discrimination and making filing the aggregate report much easier.
8. Add requests for information your vendors need, such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, or driver’s license number, providing that data to the vendor without showing it to personnel who don’t need it and shouldn’t have it.
9. Provide referral numbers in your job listings, or to your employees as part of a referral reward system, and track where your best new hires are finding you so that you can concentrate your efforts effectively.

Pre-Select let’s you do the job of finding the right person at the right time, easily and affordably. Contact us for your personal tour today!