“The Cream Rises to the Top”

In the days before the homogenization process of milk, farmers and ranchers used to judge the quality of a batch of milk by the amount of cream that rose to the top. Since milk is a combination of fats, protein and water, raw milk that is left standing for given periods of time will gradually allow fat molecules to rise to the top due to a lesser density. These fat molecules create a layer of cream, which is then separated and used as an entirely different, unique product.

Today, saying “the cream rises to the top” is a common idiom, wherein the exceptional will rise to the top and distinguish itself from everything else. At The Pre-Check Company, we completely value the analogical concept of the cream rising to the top. In this scenario, we are the cream. We firmly believe that our company, services and staff are extraordinary in the industry. So, what is it about The Pre-Check that makes us so sure we stand out?

Our company renders the most accurate and timely information to our 1190 national clients. We provide national Background Check results in an average turnaround time of 2 days and 6 hours, and our references and verifications are turned around in 3-4 days. Throughout our process of References and Employment Verifications, we will make a minimum amount of 6 calls to reach the reference listed by your applicant. The industry standard, as set by our competitors, is only 3 calls. Our approach proves that we are doing something right, because we are able to obtain qualitative reports 75% of the time.

In addition to our speed, our staff genuinely cares about the quality of the information provided and our relationships with each of our clients. The Pre-Check is ready and willing to go the extra mile in order to obtain a superior Reference or Employment Verification. We are committed to exceeding your expectations, because, as one of our clients put it, “It is too expensive to hire a dud.” Our commitment to you is that we will be true to our motto of “Helping You Hire the Best!”

While working with The Pre-Check, any questions or concerns you have will be swiftly answered. Our service is another great aspect on which we pride ourselves. We provide prompt and personable service, a feature of our company in which our clients say we excel. Here at The Pre-Check, you will come to know our representatives by name, and we by yours. Since our staff is entirely knowledgeable about all of our services, we can easily supply a solution or walk you through compliance issues.

Cutting-edge technology is another part of our mission. For example, Pre-Select, our own Applicant Tracking System, is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use recruiting tool. This software allows you to better organize and improve your entire hiring process, which in turn lowers cost-of-hires for better profitability. Pre-Select helps you specialize your candidate pool, maximize talent, and ultimately acquire the best possible new-hires for your business. Our technology essentially helps you reduce the cost per hire and decrease turnover rates, which simultaneously allows your organization to be more competitive and thus have greater financial success.

We invite you to be part of our excellent service, comprehensive results, and to embrace newer technologies;  To be a part of our exciting growth and to invest in a  future of having better quality employees. So, how much does a great offer like this cost? Well, it’s actually not all that much. We offer all of our services at affordable prices, because we truly believe in bettering the efficiency and profitability of your business. The Pre-Check Company wants to help you, too, to separate your company from your competitors. By Helping You Hire the Best, we guide you to become like the cream, which rises to the top of your industry.

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