The Pre-Check Complete: Criminal Background Checks

For over 20 years, The Pre-Check Company has been a national provider of quality background checks.  As you may be aware, the Federal Trade Commission has oversight over the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Under the FCRA 15 U.S.C. 1681 Pre-Check is regulated as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), and an “investigative consumer report” is provided to our clients.

Under the FCRA Section 607 (b) Accuracy of report: “Whenever a Consumer Reporting Agency prepares a consumer report, it shall follow reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy of the information.”  Pre-Check provides “maximum possible accuracy” with absolute certainty.  Our ratio of missed records is better than 99.3%, and we have been so accurate there has never been a lawsuit filed against us.  In addition, several customers have conducted FBI checks on employees that we had previously performed criminal checks on, and there has never been a discrepancy.


This report identifies county-level felonies and misdemeanors at the municipal level.  Three different searches are combined into one service.  First, we do a national electronic search that reports from hundreds of databases looking for career felons.  This search checks all 50 states for sexual offenders, 42 state Department of Corrections, multiple Bureaus of Investigations, Departments of Law Enforcement, state police, attorney general offices, and county courthouses.  In addition, a Social Security Number (SSN) search is performed which reports addresses where we can do targeted in-court searches.

Second, there is a statewide search that is performed.  Each state has its own unique site, so what we do in Ohio, for instance, is different than what we might do in Missouri.  In Ohio, we search each of the 88 counties for possible felony or misdemeanor records.

I say possible records because, third, Pre-Check always conducts a physical search based on SSN locations, the jurisdiction of the applicant, and reported potential hits from the first two searches.  We insist on a person physically going to the courthouse rather than relying on electronic searches alone so that we have maximum accuracy.  Pre-Check has never reported an expunged or sealed criminal record, and we have never misidentified an applicant’s criminal history as being someone else’s.

These 3 searches provide a complete search, and we have a solid record of success.

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